Featured Auction- Klein I.S.D.

PUBLIC ONLINE AUCTION, KLEIN I.S.D, Preview: Tues., 12/04/12, Auctions Ends: Thurs., 12/06/12, FEATURED ITEMS, 1998 Ford Box Van, 1992 Ford F350 P.U., Yale 5000 lb. Forklift/Runs/ Propane, Cafeteria Equip., Pianos, Student & Office Furniture, Bleachers, Office Machines, Discarded Library Books & Educational Material, P.E. Equip., Computer Equip., Cosmetology Equip., Shop Equip., AV, & More, 13% B.P., www.lemonsauctioneers.com, www.onlinepros.com #7341, 8002431113 OR 2813574977.

Featured Seller-Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations Inc.

Featured Auction: Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations Inc.  This auction will be conducted by online auction only.   The preview for this auction is on Monday, December 3, 2012 from
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
The auction ends on Wednesday, December 05, 2012.  2003 – 1982 ASSTD. TRACTOR TRUCKS, TRAILERS & EQUIP.: FEATURED ITEMS: Tractor Trucks, Sleepers, Sand Dumps, Conventional, Cabovers, Day Cabs, Cab & Chassis, Crane Truck, Stakebeds, Frac Trucks, Forklifts, (5) Sand Dump Trailers, 45’ Float, (3) Specialty Trailers, Forklifts, Ind. Radiators.  For Additional Information:

Featured Auction: Spring Branch I.S.D.

Our Featured Auction this week is for Spring Branch I.S.D.  This auction will be conducted by online auction only.   The preview for this auction is on Thursday, November 08, 2012.  The auction ends on Monday, November 12, 2012.  Some of the featured items: 2002 Ford F600 XL Super Duty Dump Truck, (6) School Buses, 1993 Chev.
Pickup, 1997 Dodge Van, 1994 GMC Van, Lawn Equip., Aerator Implement, Chippers, Elec. Pallet Jack, Discarded Library Books & Educational Mtl., Student & Office Furn., Child’s Furn., Cafeteria Equip., Appliances, Auto Shop Equip., Stage Follow Spotlight & Much, More.  Click here for detailed information and auction listing: http://ow.ly/f34jE

Why do I pay a $20.00 Title Preparation Fee

Due to the high quantity of vehicles and buses being sold during this time, the question concerning, “Why do we charge a $20.00 title preparation fee?” has come up multiple times.  Ms. Lori Lemons-Campbell who is in charge of this department has given me a number of reasons concerning why this fee is charged for title preparation.  Please read for your reference.  This information will also be added onto our FAQ section of our website.

1. Accurate Title Information on Auctioneers Online Site
2. Lemons Auctioneers takes possession of titles from Seller for faster delivery to the buyer
3. Titles and 130 U Forms are signed by the Seller and are ready for Buyer Possession
4. Prepare new buyer Information for Buyer/Dealer Possession as necessary
5. Mail Certified, Fed X or as requested to Buyer
6. Inform State of Texas of new buyer information via the internet or documentation
7. Keep on file a copy of the Title Information for at least 7 years
8. If necessary lost title service available

Removal Auction Procedures

To All Bidders!!!

Good afternoon to all of our wonderful bidders.  This Blog is directed at you today.  We have had a few instances concerning removal in the past couple of months that I want to go over wiith you.  When you arrive to the auction removal location please always bring a paid receipt with you.  Also, if possible please print out the photos of the lots that you have won upon arrival.  Please check all items in your lot compared to the description and photo before you leave the auction premises.  Open sealed boxes and examine all contents of your items won before physical removal.  If there is a discrepancy concerning the lot you have won please call a Lemons Auctioneers and Online Pros employee immediately. 

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Online Pros Software Announcement!

Lemons Auctioneers and Online Pros will be changing the old online auction platform over the holidays.  The online program that you have used with us for the past 5 years is about to change.  We are targeting for the new online software launch to happen within January 2013. The new system will have a new look and will offer Automated Payment, Dynamic Live Bidding (Bids/Status updates without refresh), Count Down Timers in seconds, Live Video and/or Audio. 

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