Why do I pay a $20.00 Title Preparation Fee

Due to the high quantity of vehicles and buses being sold during this time, the question concerning, “Why do we charge a $20.00 title preparation fee?” has come up multiple times.  Ms. Lori Lemons-Campbell who is in charge of this department has given me a number of reasons concerning why this fee is charged for title preparation.  Please read for your reference.  This information will also be added onto our FAQ section of our website.

1. Accurate Title Information on Auctioneers Online Site
2. Lemons Auctioneers takes possession of titles from Seller for faster delivery to the buyer
3. Titles and 130 U Forms are signed by the Seller and are ready for Buyer Possession
4. Prepare new buyer Information for Buyer/Dealer Possession as necessary
5. Mail Certified, Fed X or as requested to Buyer
6. Inform State of Texas of new buyer information via the internet or documentation
7. Keep on file a copy of the Title Information for at least 7 years
8. If necessary lost title service available