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Harris County Emergency Corps

Have you ever wanted to own a ambulance this is your chance!! ECMC is selling : Ambulances, Brand: GMC Yukon, and a sturdy Built upright Toolbox. These ambulances are great to convert into a sports equipment vehicles or some have been converted into RV’s. Check with your local Emergency Corps to see if they are in need of new emergency vehicle if they are they can look on our site today for some great deals. These vehicle have even been converted for business use, there are endless possibilities that can be done with these ambulances.

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Do you like Garage Sales? Checkout the D & H Auction

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D & H Moving Auction

If you are moving into a new home or apartment and looking for a bed, Refrigerator, Bowls, Dishes and even Decorative items this Auction is for you. Are you tired of your old bed frame and need a change we have two Charming Queen Bed sets and one Adorable girls Bedroom Set you can not get these items somewhere else for the same price. Items are going to go fast.

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