Auction Preview

Close to the End

Did you know that preview is important. In this new age of online auction bidding, the auction concept is being misunderstood. It is important to understand that auction means AS IS no warranty. In the past an auctioneer would hold a live auction at a specified facility, each individual would have an hour or two to view the items. After the viewing the Auctioneer would take the stage.

Fast forward to 2018 where a higher percent of Auctioneers have turned to online Auctions to meet the demands of the consumer. What does this mean for you, bidding from anywhere, time to research the item, higher bidder base. What this also means is that you must rely on the individual selling the items to present the facts and description of each item your purchasing.

We believe that the old idea of viewing the items is still important, this is why we allow a preview day for our customers to view the items they are bidding on. When bidding from other sites you are taking a chance because you do not get to view the item. Honesty, Integrity and Open are terms we live by. When looking for an Auction Company we always feel its best to pick one that is looking out for your best interest.



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