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4 Auctions Closing in one day Business Liquidation, Game Room & Granite Liquidation, San Antonio ISD – Vehicles, Stafford Municipal School District.

All Start Closing Online June 24, 2013

If you are Looking for funiture for your office or home or a vehicles such as buses & Cars. One of these auctions may have what your Looking for.

Note to Bidders: Please Pay attention to the location these auction are at different locations.

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Update Tax Exempt Forms

If you are tax exempt and plan on bidding with us this year, we ask that you complete the correct tax form and send it to us via fax at (281-357-4974) or email (
Please be sure to include your bidder id on the form so that we can apply the tax exemption to the correct account.

For our customers that registered online and provided a Tax ID number, please make sure to send us the correct form:

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate (please use this form if you are a charitable organization, church, or manufacturer, no number is required).

Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate (please use this form if you are buying for resale and have a tax number).


Note: Farm users please make sure to complete the correct form for whichever category you fall under, an Ag/timber is not required for items such as: horses, mules, work
animals , please refer to the form for additional listing.

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It’s the law!!

Did you know that a licensed Auctioneer must collect sales tax within his daily business operation?   This practice is the law whether the auction is being conducted live or online.  The collection of internet sales tax has been conducted by live auctioneers since the beginning of the online auction craze. 

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Vehicle Title Transfer

Title Transfer Information Needs to be Correct and in a Timely Manner It is extremely important when purchasing a vehicle to get the information for a title transfer correct & in a timely manner. The purchaser will need to supply Lemons Auctioneers LLP and Online Pros with a name and address that they want the title transferred and mailed to.

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